[Theforum] Reimbursing Dan .. was .. I'm not sure cos it got jumbled in the archive ;)

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Sun Apr 21 15:46:27 CDT 2002

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Hugh Blair wrote:

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>>On Behalf Of Martin
>>>I'd like to donate to the "pot" as suggested by Hugh too .. same amount.
>>>But I'd like this particular donation to go directly to paying Dan for
>>>this equipment expenditure that he has undertaken so graciously on
>>>evolt.org's behalf.
>>To be clear - that's a gift to Dan, not to evolt.org, as the equipment
>>already belongs to evolt.org.
>But that is just what I was trying to make clear. djc clearly listed what
>items were evolt.org's and what came from his "inventory."
>so I *wouldn't* class this as a 'gift.'
>What I was recommending was that djc put a value on those items that are
>from his "inventory" and that interested members help pay him back for
>those items. Of course he can classify any of the items as a 'donation'
>to evolt.org, or specify what he thinks the reimbursement value should be.
>And since there hasn't been any formal process for hardware procurement,
>this is just one item that could use some attention.
>At the end of that process, everyone would be assured that -all- the
>hardware running then 'belongs' to evolt.org.
>I *do* think that clean accounting should be a quick goal. The current
>situation doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother others. Yet
>getting this part of evolt.org organized better would be a Good Thing(tm).
>Is this clearer? Of course anyone is free to disagree.
I think you are on target Hugh, thanks.

Ron D.

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