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Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
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Sorry if this was responded to later or already hashed out.  I have been out
of town for a few days attending some family functions.  I am diligently
trying to catch up on the direction of the discussion.

I agree 100% with Matt on this.  You have to divide up the responsibility or
you truly haven't don't anything except put a fresh coat of paint on an old
building.  I think that the earlier analogy of a government looking over
it's shoulder at the military in fear of a coup holds true for nearly, (if
not all), all organizations.  I think that there has to be a designate, (or
two), in between the steering committee and the groups who truly has the
power to turn on and off access.  Sort of like a CEO or President or maybe
an IT director.   I don't believe that you want root access for any of the
steering committee people unless they actually hold a working position on a
monkey group that needs it.  Does a board of directors have access to IT
system in an org?  That may be shaded because of the type of org this is,
(web based organization as opposed to a hospital or other NFP).


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If all the power is in the steering committee, what are the other groups

I think the key is cooperation. If you want to put some kind of
accountability/ass-kicking structure in place, that's fine. But, I think
the strength of this design is the distribution of responsibility.

I just think that if you put *all* the "power" in the steering committee,
you have just one group... no matter how it looks on paper.

IMO, anyway...


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