[Theforum] root access

Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Mon Apr 29 10:00:40 CDT 2002

Correct me if I am wrong here, I am not sure how your site is set up for
access.  Are there not truly two site registrants who would have root
access, the person listed as Admin and the person listed as Technical on the
site registration?  I don't think that you can truly have a 'committee' that
ultimately wields the power simply due to the way that you are forced to
register the domain.  'SomeONE' has to be the person that has that right to
turn things on and off.  The trick is to balance there power and make them
accountable.  That's what the steering committee is for.  The monkey do
group leader would hold the technical access key, the CEO or IT director
would hold the Admin key and be able to change the codes at the direction of
the Steering committee.  Of course if the steering committee steps out of
line on this, then they have to answer to a quorum of group leaders and
members at a vote, (can be voted out the committee).  Otherwise you end up
in a situation like the Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic church where
they don't really have to answer to the Lay people at all.  The check on
keeping the Admin of the site in balance is that pre-signed letter, (signed
prior to taking office), to the proper I-Net registrar that states they are
relinquishing power to 'blank' (to be filled in with the appropriate name at
the appropriate time).  It's ok to make someone the god admin (even
necessary if I have this order of the real world thingies right), but make
them put their nuts in a jar FIRST, (so to speak), (sorry ladies about the
inappropriate use of an bad analogy there).


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