[Theforum] Re: Case study: Monkey Speak

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 03:10:08 CDT 2002

> i'm down with that idea, but i'd counter propose that we have some sort
> of drop box that identifies the nature of the email and route it to an
> appropriate group based on that. so if someone sends in an email 'to
> evolt.org' about an article idea, it gets sent to the editing group, if
> someone emails about UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW, it gets sent to a different
> group, if someone emails about the site design, it goes to that group.

yes, for sure.

just the generic stuff from external sources, default queries, etc (rather
than support queries) are handled by PR-happy people.

> sorry you don't like the names, got any suggestions for others?

it was nothing personal. probably just well and truly time to leave the word
"monkey" behind if possible. also a bit annoying to continually double check
the wiki restructurediagram to work out what monkeyhear does as the
correlation is fairly indirect.

i'd keep it straightforward and instantly understandable:

frontend (replaces monkeysee)
backend (run)
articles (speak)
pr/propaganda (hear)
finance (do)



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