[theforum] apologies and groveling for my mail to be fixed

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 30 23:51:56 CDT 2002

> From: Joel Canfield <joel at spinhead.com>
[...snipped nasty story of Active Directory assault...]
> Could some mail god (or male god; I don't care. Heck, at this point,
> I'll take a female god) please either
> 1) re-enable the address spinhead at egbdf.info on all lists
> Or, if it's the same effort,
> 2) enable the address joel at spinhead.com on all lists

spinhead at egbdf.info is set on theforum, and thechat appears to have
either been set by john, or it was never set to nomail...

lemme know if you don't get anything from either...
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