[Theforum] Charter Working Group, round 2

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Thu May 2 12:00:57 CDT 2002

>1) Anyone else wants to join?


>3) Isaac and Amanda oppose the institution of the working group (anyone
>else?) and say theforum should create the default charter. I disagree
>because I think theforum is too large and discussions have a way of
>continuing forever.

I'm inclined to agree that it should stay on theforum. There's also
the wiki approach, which seems so far to be a way to get ideas down
in a trackable manner. Putting time into the wiki is a good way to
allow people to participate with a reduced chance of discussion
"continuing forever." Still, I'll go with the flow, and it seems to
be moving in the direction of the charter working group.

>4) Group names discussion: I ignore it for the moment. Michele, who started
>the discussion, is on the working group so she can defend her point of view.


>5) The actual discussion should start somewhere next week. I myself will be
>gone from Friday afternoon till Monday evening (US: Thursday night till
>Monday morning) and several other members wish to finish other stuff first
>and/or are only available in a few days. And we need some time to implement
>point 6.

My mom and brother will be visiting next week (May 6-11), and I've
just got some freelance work I'm already deep into. I'll do what I
can (whatever that is).


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