[Theforum] EvoltMove

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed May 15 15:03:48 CDT 2002

> And with a parent group (SC - Steering Committee) made up of
> 2 members of each subgroup.

let me be blunt (for a change -- heh)

who's in charge of each of the groups?  i mean, today?

when are the groups going to elect their steering committee members?

when is the steering committee going to strike a new group (my suggestion:
EvoltMove) to plan for and execute the move which must happen before

or is the steering committee going to plan the move?  or are we going to
hash it out here on theforum?

i am truly sorry if this comes across as negative, because you know i'm not
a negative guy

but i've been around and in particular i have watched these discussions
about organization and structure and process and so on before -- and
they've taken a lot longer than seven months, with very little (compared to
what's involved in a move) to show for them

the wiki is great progress, by the way -- i really like it

so, i shall ask again -- who's in charge of the move?

i don't want to lead this effort, and i doubt i'm qualified even to be in
the move group, but i do feel a sense of urgency to get it in gear


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