Prioritisation vote: [Theforum] Re: meo

Warden, Matt mwarden at
Sun May 19 11:14:25 CDT 2002

Madhu wrote:
>I would switch 3 and 4. Much of the PR is thanks to the browser
>archive. It's part of our "brand". It's also been around for a long time.
>Just imagine the general Netizen reaction if we abandon the well-known
>beo versus abandoning the relatively lesser known meo.

relateively lesser known? sure, maybe meo doesn't get mentioned in
articles, but we can't take down the application form for more than a day
without getting emails asking when it will be re-enabled. We had to go to
only approving certain applications because the service was too popular.

we have 232 accounts totalling 3.3G on the meo machine, each from
well-contributing members of the community.

ending beo means no one can use beo anymore.

ending meo means each and every well-contruting member on meo has to find
a different home, and maybe even have enough time to set up a redirect so
that links get updated, etc.

couple that with the fact that it will probably be much easier to find a
home for meo than beo.

it's your vote, madhu, but i think it's wrong to put PR over our members.


oh, and


to the prioritation martin set forth, with the understanding
that we could put weo and leo on the same machine, and that I really see
them as equally-important priorities.


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