[Theforum] hosting... where are we at right now?

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Fri Jun 7 19:36:45 CDT 2002

On Saturday, June 8, 2002, at 01:21  am, Warden, Matt wrote:

> Martin wrote:
>> Really, it can't take *too* long to fill in the categories at
>> http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/EvoltHostingRequirements
> That puzzles me, because I specifically told you offlist that we're not
> working with those. They're inaccurate (for some reason you didn't list
> the priorities like we decided),

Done from memory at the time - you have edit rights. If they're not
right, change them. This is not an obstacle to adding requirements.

> had comments everwhere,

Which aren't an obstacle to adding requirements.

> had a lot of
> things that probably shouldn't have been there,

Which aren't an obstacle.

If your requirement categories are significantly different from that
page, then I'd be surprised.

> and it was easier just to start over.

So where is it? I've seen a bit of discussion on the sysadmin list, but
only a start.

> Don't take that personally, please.

I don't take things personally.

> And, no, we're not waiting on SysAdmin. We've had our shit together
> for a
> while (mainly because it took us all of 1 day to figure out
> "processes").

Are these on sysadmin list? If so, why aren't they in the archive beyond
the link I posted?
Are they on the wiki? If so, where?

> We're waiting on the rest of the letter so we can
> incorporate our requirements into there (unless you want the
> requirements
> to be the introduction to the email. *shrug*)

No, they should be somewhere published so when we're putting
documentation together we can incorporate them in the appropriate place.

> So, marlene, if you're looking for a deadline for us, pick a date, I
> guess.

As soon as they're ready.

> Oh, and btw martin, can we keep the EvoltSysadmin documentation section
> *for* Sysadmin,

It's a wiki. Things which look related get added as links.

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