[Theforum] another online community in trouble

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Wed Jun 19 12:47:54 CDT 2002

>What about asking members with their own servers to mirror (or just take)
>sections of the BEO archive to their own servers? (NOT meo sites...) I've
>got "unmetered data transfer" according to my hosting provider, but they'll
>raise a stink if people start downloading 140GB/month from me. I don't think
>they'd have a problem with 5GB/month though... we can keep BEO, but just put
>the exe/zip/tar files on other boxen across the world...

Great idea! I could host something on my personal domain server. I
don't come anywhere close to reaching my bandwidth limit.

>I'd MUCH rather see evolt do this (or at least try) before selling ad space
>on the weo site or the mailing list.



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