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> Don't take this personally, please, but...
> Bluntly, I'm not seeing the point of this discussion.
> IMHO having loads of individual 'volters hosting
> tiny little chunks of the archive as well as
> large full-service mirrors in operation seems to serve
> no purpose other than making a couple of evolters
> happy to be able to say they're doing it.

Happy feelings generate warm thoughts :)

> If (eg) sunsite.org.uk is carrying a mirror of the entire
> archive, why on earth would we also offer 'Steve's home
> PC with upstream capacity of 128kbps' ?

because a) it's less aggregated bandwidth going towards the bigger mirrors,
which can give them a slightly warm fuzzy feeling that they're not going to
get completely stung with the lion's share of a coupla hundred gig of
traffic, and b) it lets evolters feel like they're doing something
productive and useful.

It also allows us to build an infrastructure for, say, a benevolent mirror
type person to come along and say "shit, i really wanna help, but i don't
want to mirror _everything_ ..." - would you say "no" to someone with a phat
pipe and a gig of disk to spare?  I wouldn't - I'd be saying "here's the IE
archive, go nuts!"

> <grouch>
> And yet it's consuming almost all of the space within
> our discussion of mirroring, while touting for *real*
> mirrors is getting none at all. Grr.

so start the discussion then, biatch :)

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