[theforum] movement for redesign

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Aug 12 08:53:27 CDT 2003

william wrote:

> Yeah, I like that - we could of course just take this to it's logical
> conclusion, and use new site names:
>  eo: www.evolt.org (or evolt.org)
>      main portal, acting as *eo content aggregator (latest articles,
>      tips, list posts, comments, evolters.org blog posts, etc)
> weo: work.evolt.org
>      articles, lists [1], directory, tips, etc
> teo: test.evolt.org
>      beo, perhaps standards reference, etc
> peo: play.evolt.org
>      evolters.org

i dunno, i think of subdomains as sub-sections of sites. i wouldn't put
articles into work.evolt.org, i think they should stay on www.evolt.org.

if you look at evolt from a non-member viewpoint, the articles are the main
thing evolt has to offer.

> Before anyone complains that 404s would become rampant, there's many ways
> around that using Redirects and such like.  A master redirect could exist
> for all of the 'legacy' subdomains, so that deo, for example, would easily
> redir to work.evolt.org/directory

yeah, but why create a problem where non exists?

in my experience, google does not immediately honor a 301. they take note of
it, and put you on the deep crawl list. rankings for that page then sag
until they verify your content is the same or similiar as the old page. this
has been my experience within the past year.

taking into account the current state of google's index i think it would be
folly. the index is still acting screwy, last week a client had pages that
have been dead for over 2 years appear in the listings.


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