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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Aug 12 09:11:05 CDT 2003

Morgan Kelsey wrote:
> william wrote:
> [my subdomain reorg snippage]
> i dunno, i think of subdomains as sub-sections of sites. i wouldn't put
> articles into work.evolt.org, i think they should stay on www.evolt.org.

I used to think that way, but subdomains can be tiresome to manage,
especially when creating them or trying to develop with them -
subdirectories are much much easier to deal with IME.  I like to think of
this as a spring clean for evolt.org as much as anything, why not take the
opportunity to revisit stuff like this?  Makes for a much cleaner structure
imho, and the demarcation lines between sections becomes very clear.

> if you look at evolt from a non-member viewpoint, the articles are the
> main thing evolt has to offer.

so let's change that - broaden the focus to include the other 'work'-related
areas of evolt.org, such as tips, directory, etc.

> > Before anyone complains that 404s would become rampant, there's many
> > ways around that using Redirects and such like.  A master redirect
> > could exist for all of the 'legacy' subdomains, so that deo, for
> > example, would easily redir to work.evolt.org/directory
> yeah, but why create a problem where non exists?

Yeah, why change anything at all?  Hey, HTML 3.2 rawks! :)

> in my experience, google does not immediately honor a 301. they take
> note of it, and put you on the deep crawl list. rankings for that page
> then sag until they verify your content is the same or similiar as the
> old page. this has been my experience within the past year.

What about a 302, which would be more accurate than a 301?

> taking into account the current state of google's index i think it would
> be folly. the index is still acting screwy, last week a client had pages
> that have been dead for over 2 years appear in the listings.

So google is fscked anyway - why worry about it? :)

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