[theforum] movement for redesign

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Aug 12 09:30:59 CDT 2003


> > yeah, but why create a problem where non exists?
> Yeah, why change anything at all?  Hey, HTML 3.2 rawks! :)

change and problems are 2 different things.

if i give my 2 year old a washable crayola, he can be left alone for up to 3
minutes without destroying anything (three minutes, pant pant, why an adult
can do so many wonderful things in that time, like use the bathroom!).

if i give him a permanent marker, i have to chase him around and make sure
he doesn't write obscenities on his mother's furniture.

a backwards analogy--as i'd prefer evolt stay with permanent markers, but i
think you see my point.

> > in my experience, google does not immediately honor a 301. they take
> > note of it, and put you on the deep crawl list. rankings for that page
> > then sag until they verify your content is the same or similiar as the
> > old page. this has been my experience within the past year.
> What about a 302, which would be more accurate than a 301?

a 302 is intended for a temporary redirect.
a 301 is for a permanent address change.

google recommends a 301 for moved pages:
(see number 2)

> > taking into account the current state of google's index i think it would
> > be folly. the index is still acting screwy, last week a client had pages
> > that have been dead for over 2 years appear in the listings.
> So google is fscked anyway - why worry about it? :)

my undies get dirty, why wash them?


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