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Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at appercept.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 13:10:11 CDT 2003

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> > 2) Blog. Members can also tag entries with keywords (see 
> > BetterThanBlogging below) which can drive sub-blogs
> > 3) Links. Kinda part of the blog thought, but needn't 
> appear on blogs.

Is it better not to have links appear in blogs? This confuses me. I'm
drawing a distinction here between the types of links you might want to
put down the side of your evolters.org site as static content (which I
imagine would be managed in the template), and the types of links you
might want to put in your blog with quick commentary. See below. To me,
the latter is good aggregate fodder.

> I think that member blogs could include a variety of public 
> categories: Food, Travel, Humour, World News, Geek News, 
> Movies and TV, etc, that combine to form group 
> threads/channels.

Agreed. Expanding on that a bit, initially perhaps something like Food,
Travel, Humour, World News, Geek News, Religion, Entertainment, Links,
Health, Sexuality...

I love the idea of being able to pull up evolters.org/blogrss/travel (or
whatever) and seeing an aggregate of the stuff evolters have most
recently blogged on that topic. It's just so cool.

And yes, I did add Sexuality and Links. While I have a site of my own
with a journal and a CMS, evolters.org is attractive to me as a concept
because it will give me a place to blog as opposed to journaling. To me,
this means I can generate content of quick commentary on any of the
above categories. But if I don't get a Sexuality category, all my stuff
is going to end up in Politics, or since we don't have a Politics feed
in the works, World News.

And while the politics of sex is very important, I'm not exactly sure
it's world news :)

In any case, evolters.org represents a wide range of people with
different interests, and folks who are web developers in different
industries, including the adult industry.

(Perhaps we could just call it Sin. That leaves a *lot* of scope... I
guess now is not the time to get bogged down in detail, but I put forth
Sin for future consideration.)

Anyway, I do so love this aggregate idea in general. It's really very
community building. I'll be happy with whatever is decided, but those
are my thoughts re links and categories.

Sabrina Dent

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