[theforum] Re: google adwords: next step

s t e f evolt at nota-bene.org
Mon May 10 12:06:40 CDT 2004

<quote who='William Anderson' when='10/05/04 16:34'>

> I'd do neither until we consider the more salient point - will we use 
> google ads in the new layout?  I don't see the point in adding 
> skyscrapers to beo, then taking them away again in a new layout design.  
> It's good that we have the adsense account now, but ...
> Anyhoo, feel free to ignore me and have a vote on it though :))  It's 
> implementable at any rate, so I'm just making a suggestion, not 
> completely vetoing the idea if the rest of content/theforum decides it's 
> a good call.

I think the pace of things is a bit slow regarding redesign, so I'd vote 
to put the skyscrapers in the current design and think about integrating 
it in the next as well.

... which brings me to my next point: since now the lists are going to 
be reduced, I'm wondering if we should not have project managers 
designated for this or that item? For instance I kind of feel (maybe I'm 
wrong since I was not there at the time) that Isaac was a kind of 
project manager in charge of the design, just like Marlene was PM on 
finance and 'how can you help evolt' articles way back, and so on.
(again, this is a *perception*, maybe I'm deeply mistaken)

 From my last few months as a somewhat active person at evolt, I feel 
that there's a lot of lethargy because of a lack of identified tasks and 
a need for individual persons to answer for said tasks and to define 
deadlines and the rest.

What do you think, people?

s t e f

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