[theforum] Re: google adwords: next step

Mike King mike.king at redroom.biz
Mon May 10 13:47:32 CDT 2004

I totally agree that we need people to manage projects like beo adverts 
and the weo redesign. There must be a number of projects that have died 
a death because no-one 'owned' them.

Personally, I feel that we need someone to drive evolt.org forward. 
Someone with a vision of what evolt shoud be, and the backing of the 
rest of the members to get it done, or at least on the way to getting it 
done. A CEO, if you will. Not permanent, but elected and with some power 
of choice.

I'm only putting this out there because I feel that evolt is dying. I 
would love to help more, but there's the back-biting, in-fighting, 
lethargy and general lack-of-decisions-made which has always put me off.

There's questions we need to ask ourselves. I belive it will take 
someone with a leadership role, to take evolt forward:

- Are we extinct. Is there a need for an evolt.org in the current 
working-web world?
- Is thelist as good as it used to be? If not, why not?
- What projects are evolt.org undertaking and why?
- What does a member get when they join evolt.org?
- Why should they join evolt?

I've got loads of these questions and I'd love to put them to someone, 
but, somene who's got a bit of drive to ask others to find the answers. 
It should be a team effort - and we've got a great team - but even teams 
need managers to keep everything going in the right direction.

These are all things that I've been muttering about at beervolts for the 
past year. I've always been to worried to ask them. Well, now I have.

Bring it on!
Mike King

s t e f wrote:
> <quote who='William Anderson' when='10/05/04 16:34'>
> ... which brings me to my next point: since now the lists are going to 
> be reduced, I'm wondering if we should not have project managers 
> designated for this or that item? For instance I kind of feel (maybe I'm 
> wrong since I was not there at the time) that Isaac was a kind of 
> project manager in charge of the design, just like Marlene was PM on 
> finance and 'how can you help evolt' articles way back, and so on.
> (again, this is a *perception*, maybe I'm deeply mistaken)
>  From my last few months as a somewhat active person at evolt, I feel 
> that there's a lot of lethargy because of a lack of identified tasks and 
> a need for individual persons to answer for said tasks and to define 
> deadlines and the rest.
> What do you think, people?

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