[theforum] whither deo..?

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Mon Sep 18 13:39:57 CDT 2006

> It's been suggested a few times in my hearing that DEO (directory.evolt.org) is:
> 1) A lot of work to manage
> 2) A magnet for spammers
> 3) Not bringing a lot of value to evolters (for useful and topical links,
>    personally I find the ongoing and spamfree zeitgeist of spool.evolt.org
>    much more useful, but the spool is likely heavily used by a small number of
>    people)
> and therefore, we should kill it.
> So, entirely open questions: 
> 1) is the above set of assertions correct?
> 2) is the conclusion also correct?

I've never heard of deo before now, and hadn't heard of seo until last
week, so I can't answer either question.

Yet again, I have to wonder if these services aren't being used because
people don't find them all that useful (and/or hard to maintain, and/or
spam magnets), or simply because very few people have heard of them.

I'll ask again - is there a list somewhere that details all of the
services/stuff offered by evolt? If not, is there someone who has such a
list in their head who could make this list available to the entire
evolt community?

sarah adams
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