[theforum] front end urls

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Thu Jan 8 03:20:43 CST 2009

I think that this is a great start. A clean crisp look that is new, but
clearly an evolution of the previous look and feel, maintaining the 'brand'.
Not sure I like textured/patterned backgrounds but that is just personal and
a very minor quibble at this stage.

I also think that a separate look for the front page is a good idea - not
just the article landing page.

Although Martin has also been working on a basic design, Erika's is far more
advanced. I think it would be counter-productive to work on two separate
designs, so I vote for Erika continuing work on her design but incorporating
useful aspects of Martin's design into it (For instance, I like logo tagline
on Martin's - 'The web developers' world community').

I'd be glad to help with design aspects if I can - unfortunately I don't
have bandwidth to take on the swap shop - but could assist someone else if
they needed help.


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