[thelist] Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com)

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Aug 14 21:31:29 CDT 2000

> I have never heard anyone mention javaScript in quite such a "negative"
> tone??
> Why in your experience does the language deserve such a negative response??
> NOTE: This question in no way asks you to "JUSTIFY YOUR POSITION" but rather
> why in your experience a web designer, programmer should be weary??

My position justifies itself.

But for purposes of clarification: I was merely praising the developer in
question for his site's ability to operate effectively without javascript, java,
images and CSS. (In some browsers disabling javascript auto-disables CSS).

When I surfed the site without any of these things, it showed with a default
background, font, and colours, but I could read all of the text and navigate the
site perfectly well.

And as adrian has informed you, I was not criticising JavaScript - I was
alluding to its frequent misuse.

Ever seen a site that pops a new window using JavaScript alone? Ever tried to
browse that site without JavaScript? It just doesn't happen.

If you want to incorporate JS into your sites, then do so carefully, and for
inessential tasks. Without a doubt, Jeff is the master here (especially wrt form
validation and submission). You'll notice his many responses to thelist
suggesting modifications to peoples' scripts so that they at least fail
gracefully, and provide alternative methods.

For more information, you may wish to search thelist archive for examples of
Jeff's thoughts on these issues.


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