[thelist] Mac stuff (was: Critique please (http://squalidnet .port5.com))

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Tue Aug 15 17:49:29 CDT 2000

Hi, Kevin --

A couple of things about Macs. In your original reference to the PowerBook
1400, you said it was a w95. Unless there's an additional program like
SoftWindows or Virtual PC on the Mac, you don't have w95, period. As
somebody pointed out, Macs can read from and write to PC disks, but that's
obviously not the same as having a compatible OS.

Also be aware that PowerBook displays are to desktop Macs what, say,
ThinkPad displays are to desktop PCs. You can't trust a laptop to be
representative of what most of your users are going to see. It can't hurt,
because some of the colors change dramatically on an LCD display (for
example, #FFFFCC, the lightest yellow, becomes essentially #FFFFFF, or

System 7.5 is an OS designation for Macs. They're now up to 9.something.

Your friend can plug into your network provided you configure her machine
appropriately, but that doesn't necessarily give her access to your machine.
For that you have to set up a special shared folder, and that's the only
folder she'll have access to.

Probably your best bet is to upload the pages to a development server or a
development folder on your live server and have her connect that way. How do
you test your pages from your PC? You are loading them onto a server, right?

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