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martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Wed Aug 16 04:26:02 CDT 2000

At 19:30 15/08/00, you wrote:
>Just spotted this information, could you clarify??
>I haven't much info on the Mac.
>I do know that it has trouble with fonts and such.

Actually, as the premier platform for print design, you'll find that
a Mac does fonts (and colour) correctly according to specs.

>Also I have access to a Mac PowerBook 1400 and I would like to plug it in to
>my system so that I can view my work on occassion. Is this possible??

Possibly - depends on how your network is set up.

>I currently use a PII w98se 333mhz    the power book is supposed to be a w95
>with built in modem
w95? *Win*95?? Macintosh is an entirely separate operating system. Chances
are that it'll run an OS8 version.

Remember that PB1400s are some 4 years old now - mine was super fast in
its day, but that's 117MHz... For testing purposes, a PB1400 could be 
as a worst case scenario. That said, with enough RAM, it'll run 
Ready together with DreamWeaver & a browser quite happily.

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