[thelist] Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com)

martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Aug 15 08:07:18 CDT 2000

At 09:39 15/08/00, you wrote:
>be a little careful: this is a Mac / PC thing: they have different gamma
>curves. This means that things (99% of the time, depending of course on how
>the user has their monitor set up...) display significantly lighter on a Mac
>than a PC. You will not be able to get the same display on a Mac and a PC so
>you have to make sure that it is acceptible, if different, on both. Think
>about how your target audience breaks down in terms of platform to help you
>make these sort of decisions.

fwiw ImageReady provides a gamma translation tool so you can view and
amend images with 'the other' gamma.

ie5/mac users also have the option to use the Mac's built in colour correction
software, ColorSync, to have 100% colour-accurate images
(although this relies on having your system set up right in the 1st place).


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