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Jason Elliot Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Wed Aug 16 13:19:24 CDT 2000


Stephane Gosselin wrote:

> Anyhow... my question is : How do I show / hide layers in netscape ?
> http://www.cfusions.com , check the french icon to see what I mean. I just

i asked this question about a year ago to a different list [monkeyjunkies for
those of you who remember it] and got some wonderful help.  the page that i
created became something of a lost effort as i never really finished the
content. however, the concept is still there and, imho, it is quite nicely done
(especially for someone who isn't really a web site designer nor programmer).

go to the following site
[http://www.bsu.edu/World2000/research/burk/index.html] click on the link to my
thesis and then click on the link to enter.  a new window will pop up that
contains code that is compatible with IE and netscape to show and hide
layers...it is quite cool and much better imo than the way that dreamweaver
does it...

just be patient if you're on a slow connection cause it is somewhat heavy on
the bandwidth [200k??].

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