[thelist] - Taz is back.

Paul Bradforth pbi at dircon.co.uk
Thu Aug 17 09:39:55 CDT 2000

On 17/8/00 at 7:35 am, VillanoP at usachcs-emh1.army.mil (Villano, Paul)

> One Paul answering another Paul.  :)  I'm using IE 5.01 and didn't
> have that problem viewing the site at all.  Looked fine to me.  Did
> you possibly mix up the NS and IE references (it was really NS that it
> looked lousy in, not IE?).  I'm not running NS here.

No, it was like I said. I just re-checked 'coz you had me a bit worried
that I'd screwed up :-)

It's fine here in Netscape Communicator 4.7, but like I said it was in
Internet Explorer 5...

best wishes,


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