[thelist] Virtual PC

deboute benjamin deboute at fr.clara.net
Fri Aug 18 11:04:05 CDT 2000

>Me too - but I'm not sure that Virtual PC on a Mac is going to be a nice
>experience ;-)

<tip author="deboute benjamin">
vmware [ http://www.vmware.com ] is a good tool in fullscreen mode [ but don't think about smoothly running win fireworks/flash... ] , but several machines with vnc and a n*x box running x2vnc is far more wonderful.
the point is that you define a border of your screen where when you pass the mouse through, x2vnc takes the reins of another machine.

This way, you use the machine's hardware and everything is far more speedy.
Of course, you need some space to put your boxes and monitors, but no more will you use hardware monitor/keyboard/mouse switchers.

and your co-workers will be disguted and jalous.
( a disguted jalous webdev talkin' )

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