[thelist] whatis.com redesigned into uselessness.

Michiel Trimpe mtrimpe at dse.nl
Sun Aug 20 09:17:04 CDT 2000

From: Daniel J. Cody <djc at five2one.org>
> now if only someone could write a script that queryied googles cached
> pages for former whatis.com terms and wrote them to an archive :)
> >     - Joe
> > p.s.: I wish I had archived the whole site. :-(

I've gotten 1161 whatis.com pages from google just now. (through a recursive
search ...)
If someone want's to give me decent 6 MB hosting space I can put them up
there. My server would be "down" at three concurrent connections (16KB
upload :( )

 - michiel trimpe

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