[thelist] CSS and Netscape

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 25 08:46:25 CDT 2000

> From: "Nicole Parrot" <nicole at parrot.ca>
> >>
> >> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/test1.html  (the full page)
> >this displays, with content, just fine for me (i assume)...
> Doesn't display for me with NN 4.75. I guess it's local to that version
> number. I also run Millennium.

OS *shouldn't* matter, at least different versions of win... if you 
were on a Mac, that might be different... for some reason i just 
assumed you were...

> >> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/testcss.html (reduced page,
> >> with CSS code)
> >> http://theforce.net/snowboards/halloween2000/testnocss.html (reduced
> page,
> >> without CSS code, visible in Netscape)
> >these two show only the header, no content... but there is no
> >content in the source code, either...
> if by header, you mean the graphical header of the page, then that's all
> there is in those reduced pages. If you mean the code between the head and
> /head code, then there's a problem.

no, i see the images just fine... everything i see in the code renders 

> You're getting nothing with the testnocss.html page too? That one does
> render for me in Netscape 4.75 ..

no, they *all* render...

hey, i just looked more closely... and i see you're writing in layers 
and such dependent on browser using JS... have you tested it with 
and without JS?  is your JS enabled in your browser?

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