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> >Hi all-
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> >Can any of you all suggest why the javascript: protocol 
> stops working when
> >an article is loaded into the content frame?
> This has to do with the scripting security model in browsers. 
>  As soon as 
> the content in the right frame comes from a different server 
> than the root 
> page and/or the other frame, Javascript calls in your left 
> frame can't 
> access anything in the right frame.  This is to stop someone 
> from "framing" 
> your site and using Javascript to redirect form submissions 
> and/or modify 
> the functionality of your site without your (or the surfer's) 
> knowledge.
> Your best bet would be to have the form in the left hand nav (you can 
> easily keep it hidden) and just have it target the right 
> frame when it 
> submits, as opposed to having Javascript call the form submit 
> on the form 
> located in the right-side frame..
> Let me know if I'm not explaining myself properly. =)

Oh no, you explained it perfectly clearly. I had thought that this might be 
causing the problem, but I had no way of testing it. As a matter-of-fact, I 
was just doing some web searches on javascript and security, and you have 
saved me a TON of reading. Thanks, Seb. 

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