[thelist] Image Alignment in Netscape

Gerd Baumann gb at inetwire.com
Mon Nov 13 12:01:20 CST 2000

> I have the following code.  Can someone please tell me how to get the top and
> bottom images to align next to each other.  In IE 5.01 SP1 it looks great.
> However, in Netscape 4.7 there is a white line in between the images.  How do I
> get the images to "bump" up to each other?  I have tried many different ways of
> using the align= attribute.  Please help!!!  Any help would be great!  :)  Greg

Put the closing TD tags after your image tags without any line breaks
or empty spaces, like so:

<img border="0" height="116" src="file:///D:\Temp\HeadingLeft.jpg"

Also, put your images in a folder named "images" and try to avoid upper 
case letters in your image names :-)

HTH, Gerd

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