[thelist] Image Alignment in Netscape

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Mon Nov 13 12:12:07 CST 2000

hi gregory

sounds like the infamous netscape "white space before </td>" feature

actually, that white space can creep in anywhere there are line breaks and 
indenting in the code

for example, you might get white space before this image as well as after 
it --

         <td width="633" height="116">
            <img border="0" height="116" src="bar2.jpg"

sorry if this sounds too basic, i'm not sure this is your problem but it's 
the first place to check

no, you don't have to code it all one one line, either

close up *all* your tags around sliced images -- use line breaks and 
indenting *within* tags if necessary to preserve readability

so you could write your cell like this --

         <td width="633" height="116"
           ><img border="0" height="116" src="bar2.jpg"


p.s. you didn't ask this, but here's a heads-up:  width=767 might be a wee 
bit too wide for 800x600, even maximized

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