[thelist] Netscape6 awarded knob of the week

Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Wed Nov 15 07:02:41 CST 2000

Judah McAuley [judah at alphashop.com] sagely wrote:

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> I downloaded Netscape 6 today and haven't had any problems.

Ditto, twice...

> I really liked the option to save the
> installer files
> so you can reinstall later without having to touch the network.

Ditto again: I was able to install the English(UK) version onto my laptop
from the d/l version on the PC.

> I couldn't believe that it gave me
> the option
> to *not* install AOL IM, and then it really didn't install it.
> Didn't even
> prompt me.  Better than I expected out of AOL.

Agreed 100%.

> My biggest complaint,
> actually, is that
> it takes a really long time to start up.

Yes, it's far slower than IE5.5 to load up which makes it a bit of a pig for
an instant hit.

>  I'm assuming that its because
> Netscape 6 uses a cross-platform code base, and isn't
> tweaked/optimized for
> Windows.

That's why I had to d/l it twice: the English(UK) version is only for
Windows but the English(but not as we know it) version gives the Mac and
Linux download files as options, so to install it on the Mac required
another d/l.

It seems to me that everyone is blaming Netscape for putting a product onto
the market that behaves as they should: perhaps we've all been spoilt by the
forgiving nature of Internet Explorer? CSS issues have been identified as
user/writer mistakes and I know that Netscape 6 doesn't like layers, but
ISTR these were not a real part of the spec. anyway?  It certainly means
those Java news tickers will be fun...

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