[thelist] [Design] Link Color Dilemna

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 16 23:37:25 CST 2000

> I've finally got off my a$$ to "redesign"/cleanup my site. I've run into a
> kind of a problem that I'm hoping one of the "design people" can
> help. There's
> a reason I work with the backend stuff ;-)


Try white links, and then grey (cccccc) for your visited state. Actually,
instead of grey, use a desaturated, yellow tint. Underlined for
link/visited, and text-decoration:none for hover.

Whatever you do, dump the blue on black.

Also, experiment with alternatives to the black background - the orange is
good, but the black isn't working for you (IMO) - it's bearable, but very


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