[thelist] Number of rows per talbe?

Adrian Fischer adrian at logo-logic.com
Fri Nov 17 03:36:18 CST 2000

Hi Guys,

Another Friday Night and Im stuck in front of the monitor again...

In my db I cant seem to insert any more than 101 records.  Is it possible
that my admin has limited my ablity to insert data?  It is mysql.  Or is
there a limit built in.  I wouldnt think so. So I keep coming back to to the
host limiting me.

Before I go ranting at them for doing it I thought I would check with you

Any ideas?

Oh...and one other thing...with auto increment...if you delete the records
at the end of the table how come it doesnt start from the now last record
and start to increment again.  How come it remembers the last number before
the delete and starts from there.



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