[thelist] New Year Resolution

Katherine Spice k.spice at acu.ac.uk
Mon Dec 18 09:18:11 CST 2000

the head lemur wrote:
> My Name is alan and I use Microsoft.

give yourself a pat on the back - admitting you need help is the first
step ;-)
> My new year's resolution is to move to Linux.
> So the questions are:
> OS - Red Hat or Turbo Linux?
> Server - Red Hat or Turbo Linux?

OS - The newest version of RedHat has a great installer - really helpful
if you're a newbie (but no so cotton wool wrapped that you lose
flexibility). One point to note though with RH is that by default it
leaves lots of services enabled (eg sendmail), which, especially if
you're not using them, presents a security risk. The problem can be
solved by deciding what you need + then turning everything else off.
I've heard the best distribution for not leaving security holes is
FreeBSD, but I'm 'fraid I can't comment on Turbo Linux - I've never used
it. I did have a horrible experience with Mandrake recently - I wouldn't
recommend it!

Server - go with Apache 60% of websites do! The version which comes with
the RH distribution works just fine (1.3.X) - I'm not sure I'd recommend
going with the latest (2.something alpha) - I've yet to hear any opinion
on it.

> Please help in my recovery!!

hope that i have!

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