[thelist] Do I be nice or attack with legal?

Joe Crawford artlung at artlung.com
Mon Dec 18 11:44:30 CST 2000

On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Herzog, Ari wrote:

> I quote my manager's response after sending an email
> about why we should not be nice about it:
> "It is better to start the nice (low cost way) and then escalate only
> if necessary. I would rather spend the money on content than on
> lawyers. It would serve us better to have them first banned from
> certain search engines than for them to withdraw under legal pressure.
> Starting with legal threats will likely only harden their position."
> You see what I am up against?

> >FWIW, we just got a legal letter from THEM about changing something on our
> >site as well.

Well - someone's dealing with this last bit, yes? Whoever is handling that
(inhouse legal, an attorney on retainer, whatever) needs to know about
this issue. I'm no lawyer, but I understand the concept of leverage. If
they have a legal letter to you, your lawyer might remind the other
company that we have claims as well - and it would do everyone well to
come to an agreement.

	- Joe>
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