[thelist] Do I be nice or attack with legal?

aphelan (Andrea Phelan) aphelan at confederationc.on.ca
Mon Dec 18 11:50:02 CST 2000

I can see your bosses point of view. First things first though, unless
fighting legal battles is in your job description, you cAn refuse, simply
explaining to him that you are very uncomfortable dealing with this matter,
as you are not trained in corporate or copyright law and that you would
prefer the matter left in someone else's hands.

However, a quiet, friendly but frank letter sent to the webmaster might do
the trick. First of all, had his bosses not approved his use of your company
name/copy write on the website, by quietly removing the information, he
could be salvaging his job and his reputation, saving any and all legal
disputes. Second should he take the matter to his bosses, they will most
likely be frantically willing to have him remove the information to aviod
legal repercussions which could otherwise be significant. Lawyers tend to
raise hackles across the board.
But, like I said earlier, the choice is yours to deal with it or not.


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I quote my manager's response after sending an email
about why we should not be nice about it:

"It is better to start the nice  (low cost way) and then escalate only if
I would rather spend the money on content than on lawyers. It would serve us
to have them first banned from certain search engines than for them to
under legal pressure. Starting with legal threats will likely only harden
their position."

You see what I am up against?

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