[thelist] CFREPORT, the 'TYPE' attribute & Crystal Reports 8

Dan Slater DSlater at buxtonco.com
Mon Dec 18 17:02:53 CST 2000


I'm nearing 'gasket popping' levels of frustration here. 

1. Allaire creates cfreport tag for interfacing with crystal reports.
Allaire continues to patch/update/repair the tag as needed as new versions
of Crystal Reports are released. 

2. Crystal reports 7 does not allow connectivity to SQL databases using the
'standard' edition. 

3. I upgrade to Crystal Reports 8 Professional edition. 

4. Crystal Reports 8 is no longer compatible with Cold Fusion's cfreport

5. Allaires KB says to use the undocumented 'type' attribute and assign it
the value of "Microsoft". 

6. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Less than zero. 

7. Crystal Reports Technical support states that they "do not support
crystal reports used in conjunction with Allaire's Cold Fusion "cfreport"
tag" and that for technical support I should contact Allaire.

8. Since allaire already has a KB article stating their 'workaround' (which
by the way does not work) - and Seagate says it's not their problem - I'm
left holding the bag - so to speak.

9. Argh? 

Does anyone out there have any experience with this issue?
Does anyone out there KNOW someone with experience on this issue?
Has anyone out there gotten the TYPE="Microsoft" attribute to actually WORK?

Please help a fellow developer out - before his head explodes.  Thank you.

Dan Slater
CF Developer

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