[thelist] how the mighty have fallen

Philip Lindsay phil at presence-multimedia.co.uk
Tue Dec 19 17:56:41 CST 2000

on 19/12/00 5:12 pm, Erika Meyer at meyer at up.edu wrote:

> EToys: ding dong the witch is dead.
> boo.com:
> For all the money they blasted through,
> they couldn't build a web site that worked.

UK ISP breathe.com looks in a bad way also, seeking a buyer with debts of
£50m odd. 


The debts racked up from a v.expensive advertising campaign, which although
very impressive, left many viewers wondering what breathe actually did....

Also backed out of a deal offering unlimited web access to customers paying
a £50 one-off fee, who have since lost their money...

oh dear...


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