[thelist] Co-Location: What do I need?

Jake Stetser jake.stetser at headhunter.net
Thu Jan 4 13:57:08 CST 2001

If you're going with PHP and MySQL, why not use a *NIX server? And you may
as well use MSSQL if you're on NT. It costs more, but in my experience the
only mostly reliable way to use Microsoft products is to use them
homogenously. (i.e, 2000, IIS5, MSSQL 7, FrontPage, SourceSafe...).

But I'm a Machead who believes in unix for hosting so take my words with
salt :)

BTW, for web servers, RAM is all-important. 256 should be a minimum. If the
site will be heavily dynamic, make sure you've got decently fast
processors.. 2 if you can help it.

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  NT (version?, Service pack?)
  Coldfusion 4.5 or better
  MySQL? (What varieties of SQL should I be thinking about?)
  A web server (MS IIs?)
  An ftp server?
  A source control/project management server?

Is there anything that I've missed?


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