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Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Thu Jan 4 17:50:09 CST 2001

>>   If you're going with PHP and MySQL, why not use a *NIX
>>   server?
>We've already invested in the NT version of the Cold Fusion server, 
>and we're (at least for the moment) not ready to deal with multiple 
>server networks.
>>   And you may as well use MSSQL if you're on NT. It costs
>>   more, but in my experience the only mostly reliable way
>>   to use Microsoft products is to use them homogenously.
>>   (i.e, 2000, IIS5, MSSQL 7, FrontPage, SourceSafe...).
>I'm finding that there are certain (read: most IMO) MS products that 
>just don't cut it. The only reason we use it is because they have 
>market lock-in. THE MS FTP program for example is a notorious piece 
>of junk. As for Front Page, I much prefer to pay someone to beat my 
>server with a sledgehammer. It's quicker and more efficient.

Oh yeah, I've heard about that MSFTP. However, it probably works fine 
if you use the built in FTP client in Explorer :)

and Frontpage. blah!

>>   But I'm a Machead who believes in unix for hosting so
>>   take my words with salt :)
>So'm I, but business reality prevails.

At this point, I wouldn't use a Mac as a server, unless it were 
running some variant of Linux. I think Mac OS X/Mac OS X 
Server/Darwin will become extremely useful in the next few years, but 
Mac OS just doesn't cut it for sites of any decent size. On the other 
hand, while I understand business "reality" (a manufactured one at 
that, but most likely not by you!) precludes many businesspeople from 
using Linux on the desktop (or Macs for that matter), I've found that 
it doesn't matter as much on the server-side. Thank god the web 
evolved around standard protocols.

I won't turn this into a holy war, I promise. And as you say you 
already invested in CF, you don't have a linux admin, have an NT 
environment already, so the decision is pretty much already made for 

I would repeat what Jeff said, don't bother with MySQL and PHP and 
Perl if you're on NT. Unless you need them, you're better off leaving 
them alone and developing with what you have.

Good luck!

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