[thelist] tracert timeout

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Fri Jan 5 16:49:12 CST 2001

The FTP problems occur with three NT accounts - all at the same ISP - 
gozz.com, njabr.org and radiosavant.com. FTPing to/from my UNIX 
accounts with the same ISP works better, but there have been many 
times recently that I can't upload or download moderately large files 
... like 2 MB and up - the transfer just hangs, and usually in the 
same place for the files. I dunno, the first thing that came to my 
mind was Carnivore eating things up ... sure that's just paranoia.

The tracert always times out at that IP ( ) for any of 
these domains, even if they are UNIX - fearofclowns.com, 
snatchpak.com, stardusters.com ... many others.

When I ping any of these addresses, it always times out. Can't find a 
single of my sites I can ping from here in Minneapolis today, and 
someone in NC has tried a few and they don't work for him either.

The UNIX websites come up in browsers just fine, although the NT 
accounts don't come up in a browser occasionally, and gozz.com has 
done a weird redirect to it's IP address a few times.


>What IP address is it that you're trying to get to? Is it just FTP 
>traffic or all traffic?
>Bit more info would help out :)
>Erik Mattheis wrote:
>>I haven't been able to FTP to several of my accounts ... when I do 
>>a tracert it always starts timing out after the same IP address:
- Erik Mattheis
(612) 827 3963

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