[thelist] tracert timeout

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Jan 5 14:19:11 CST 2001

Couple things..

I tried tracing that address and got to *it* just fine. If you're having 
problems with nothing showing after that, it could be a couple things..

The administrator of that particular router could be filitering out 
certain types of ICMP, TCP, or UDP requests because they're afraid of 
cracking attempts or denial of service(DOS) attacks.(on a side note, 
doing this goes against x^23 number of RFC's and generally doesn't stop 
anything to boot).

Seeing that no FTP traffic is getting through however probably makes the 
above untrue though.. Either someone has their firewall(This appears to 
be an Exodus IP) set way way to touchy, or something is misconfigured.

Its tough to see a solution with a limited amount of info.. What IP 
address is it that you're trying to get to? Is it just FTP traffic or 
all traffic?

Bit more info would help out :)


Erik Mattheis wrote:

> I haven't been able to FTP to several of my accounts ... when I do a 
> tracert it always starts timing out after the same IP address:
> This is happening for me in MN, someone in NY and someone in NC - always 
> at that IP - just discovered this today although the FTP problem has 
> been going on for weeks.
> How can I find out where that computer is and who to make sure knows of 
> the problem?

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