[thelist] tracert timeout

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Fri Jan 5 21:57:12 CST 2001

In my experience Exodus filters UDP as a standard practice. So you cant rely
on traceroutes or pings (since they probably prioritize icmp down too.)
I just tried to ping snatchpak.com and got no response, but the web site is
off. It looks like they are totally filtering ICMP also.
But blocking the above mentioned traffic would not block ftp, since ftp
traffic runs over TCP. Since it seems that all points on the net seem to
stop at that one ip address, it's pretty safe to assume that the web server
is on Exodus's backbone, and not far beyond  You should call
the web host about the ftp timeouts. In all likelyhood it's a bandwidth
problem...they dont have enough.
Also go ahead and email or call Exodus tech support if you suspect the
problem is with them. Exodus is very good about resolving issues even if you
are not a customer. Although they are probably just going to tell you they
filter UDP...

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> The FTP problems occur with three NT accounts - all at the same ISP -
> gozz.com, njabr.org and radiosavant.com. FTPing to/from my UNIX
> accounts with the same ISP works better, but there have been many
> times recently that I can't upload or download moderately large files
> ... like 2 MB and up - the transfer just hangs, and usually in the
> same place for the files. I dunno, the first thing that came to my
> mind was Carnivore eating things up ... sure that's just paranoia.
> The tracert always times out at that IP ( ) for any of
> these domains, even if they are UNIX - fearofclowns.com,
> snatchpak.com, stardusters.com ... many others.
> When I ping any of these addresses, it always times out. Can't find a
> single of my sites I can ping from here in Minneapolis today, and
> someone in NC has tried a few and they don't work for him either.
> The UNIX websites come up in browsers just fine, although the NT
> accounts don't come up in a browser occasionally, and gozz.com has
> done a weird redirect to it's IP address a few times.
> >What IP address is it that you're trying to get to? Is it just FTP
> >traffic or all traffic?
> >
> >Bit more info would help out :)
> >
> >.djc.
> >
> >Erik Mattheis wrote:
> >
> >>I haven't been able to FTP to several of my accounts ... when I do
> >>a tracert it always starts timing out after the same IP address:
> >>
> >>
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