[thelist] Frames question

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 6 17:15:12 CST 2001

> From: muinar <muinar at gmx.net>
> >you are expecting people to surf full-screen, as well, correct?
> No dear aardvark - as always in this job, I am trying to get as
> narrow to reality as possible.

actually, it's "deer aardvark"... i'm really two animals in one... you 
should see me try to scratch my ...

> I am currently at five projects where at least the first screen
> fits completely into the browser window at 600x800 (considering
> this useful) - that's why I didn't want to accept that '770'
> should be wrong and start all over again...

ahhh.... i figured that if you were trying to figure out the canvas 
size, sans chrome, in an 800x600 window, that you were expecting 
that to be a maximized window at 800x600...

> >as
> >another potentially useless resource, try out
> >http://evolt.org/article/Real_World_Browser_Size_Stats_Part_II/20/2
> >297/evolt.org ... it has stats for available browser canvas size (on a
> >particular site, not an aggregate) at varios resolutions, including
> >800x600...
> I found this article very useful.

glad to hear it... but remember that it's based on data from one of 
my own sites, so the numbers may not match yours, especially if 
the site is something quite different than mine...

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