[thelist] Web work in London?

Michael Lovitt mlovitt at oaksanderson.com
Sat Jan 6 19:41:12 CST 2001

What kind of freelance and full-time Web work is available
in London and what does it pay? I'm currently a Web
developer in Austin, Texas in the U.S., where I make a nice
living, and I'm wondering how that would change if I
relocated to London. One factor I'm aware of is London's
high cost of living. Do Web jobs pay enough to off-set that?

I'd appreciate any feedback from Web designers/developers
working in London, and especially from those who moved there
from the U.S.

(I have four years experience in client- and server-side
scripting (e.g., HTML, Javascript, ASP) as well as in
managing large-scale Web application development.)


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