[thelist] The Tyranny of Standards

deboute benjamin deboute at fr.clara.net
Mon Jan 8 23:16:08 CST 2001

this time, a karma bet.

standards are good.
yes, but some browser extention may be considered.
and what do we know about standards, we never saw them :(
go to the wasp and see
and signup, it's a Good Thing (TM).
anyway, i like NN, but i hat thm for the CSS slaughter they made.
they were censed to make a tool for us to work with, not a total wreck like NN4

first point.

the only standard is your environment/target.

if you target a wide audience, go soft, if you do an intranet with a IE 
park, go for it.
and with a little server magic you can always hack your pages zenly.
if you do a page for yourself, you can choose your browser.
and if it's art, warn.

second point.

and testing is a Good Thing (TM)

what you assume as "standards" is now.
but what you should think of "standard" is tomorrow.
the Mozilla Horizon, where Mozilla [aka IE6] will be released and when you 
would be able to work on any property of any object IN YOUR PAGE.
am i technically ready ?
is my mind in the good shape ?
so, we need to work this out, to try new features, to make unusable 
monsters out of proprietary  code, let's try it, damnit [sorry for the 
offended ears, but that was for the rhyme].
you want a trick ?
call it 'art', it's a social plus and you can get free coupons, AND never 
anybody will call it a 'disaster' [oups, has anybody already said that of 
MOMA's installation?] nor tackle you about usability or navigation or 
browser if you WARN.

wanna give a look ?

deboute benjamin
rightfull owner of esprits-libres.net
ps::the browser bug i speak of for GOLEM is described there

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