[thelist] Traceroute favor

CDitty mail at redhotsweeps.com
Wed Jan 10 03:41:26 CST 2001

Thanks everyone for the trace route info.  Unfortunately, it was just what 
I needed.  :)  It shows me that my problems are with my local 
ISP.  :(  Someone pity me.  PLEASE.  They tried to blame my slowdowns for 
email, ftp, and browser on my browser cache.  When I informed him that 
email doesn't go thru the browser, I was informed that it does.  WOW!!! You 
learn something new everyday.  Man, will I be happy when DSL is available 
in my area.

Thanks again everyone.  I really appreciate it.


At 10:24 PM 1/9/01, you wrote:
>I am having MAJOR slowdowns on my site.   Can a few people please send me 
>a copy of your trace route from your machine to  I can't 
>figure out if it is my ISP or my Server.  Any help is appreciated.
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