[thelist] Hi. :)

Jay Fitzgerald jayfitz at bayou.com
Wed Jan 10 15:18:30 CST 2001

Welcome aboard ;-)


Hendrik Mans wrote:

> Hey list,
> just wanted to say Hi, since I'm new to the list. Hi. :)
> My name is Hendrik, I'm 24 years old, and live in the
> sometimes-beautiful-but-mostly-boring town of Wiesbaden, Germany. I pretend
> to be a web developer, but all I really know *well* is PHP; everything else
> is mostly at the "I've played around with it before" level. ;-)
> I do get a kick out of developing anything that remotely resembles a
> networked application, no matter if it's a database
> driven/dynamic/portal/yadda yadda web site, an IRC client or a multiplayer
> game.
> I'm looking forward to learning some exciting new stuff via this list and
> hopefully being able to contribute something myself every now and then.
> Take care,
> Hendrik
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