[thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?

Ruth Arnold ruth at spacehoppa.com
Thu Jan 11 09:13:29 CST 2001

Being self-employed, I find timesheets invaluable. It enables you to invoice
correctly and is a good audit trail for working out how long jobs actually
took to do, rather than how long you thought they took.

I can understand employees taking offence at the notion of monitoring what
happened and when, but I wouldn't be without mine. I've tried to set up an
electronic version on my PC from time to time, but have always found that
nothing quite beats a pen and paper sat between the monitor and keyboard for
making sure that you keep up-to-date with this dreary task.

It's also helpful when establishing your hourly rate as it brings home just
how many of your working hours aren't actually billable.

ruth arnold

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> FWIW, I've always had to fill out a timesheet ever since my job in
> college.. Both jobs after that have been salarary too..
> Once you get people in the habit of doing it, its not that big a deal i
> guess..I find also that I'm doing a million things within an hour at any
> givin point, and at times its difficult to remember what i was doing
> yesterday at 10am, but it can help you say, "Jeez, I spend 3 hours a day
> checking out theonion.com?" :)
> I guess its just one of those things.. The best way to deal with it is
> to make the timesheet application itself as easy to use and intuitive as
> possible so its not such a pain in the arse.
> .djc.

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